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5 Ways to Make Your Rehearsal Dinner Just as Unforgettable as Your Wedding

rehearsal dinner table with fall colored florals and overhead greenery

Explore the best ways to make your rehearsal dinner fun, light, and just as beautiful as the wedding.

A wedding day is exhilarating for all the parties involved. A rehearsal dinner intends to emulate that fun before the big day with the chosen VIPs from the guest list. It sets the tone for the entire weekend, and that’s why you shouldn't skimp on the planning.

But both the bride’s and the groom’s sides have a lot on their plates, which means that having rehearsal dinners can be stressful. But, worry not. Here are 5 simple ways to ensure that you have a fun-filled, party-starter rehearsal dinner.

1. Go for a themed party

The best way to lay off the stress of ANY party - rehearsal dinner included - is to plan it around a theme. Kudos if it reflects your wedding theme! If you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding, infuse some flowery elements, charcuterie on wooden boards, etc. to hint at the theme. Or you can choose to be completely chill, like having a picnic party! The choice is yours but having a theme makes the planning easier.

2. Decide on the details

After you’ve zeroed in on your theme, the next logical step would be to lock in the details; i.e, the venue, date, and time of the party. This would, in turn, shower more clarity on the theme designs and modifications.

3. Add eye-catching design elements

Center your party around at least one design feature that piques the attention of your guests. If you’re looking for ideas, one can never go wrong with a fireplace, a photo display, or a unique mobile bar.

4. Signature drinks

Add signature cocktails and drinks. You can go for something classic like bellinis or martinis, or go for something strong. Make sure it aligns with your dinner theme as well. For example, whisky at garden parties hardly makes any sense.

Mobile wedding bar with florals

5. Spruce up the entertainment

Let’s be honest. A party without any entertainment is as lifeless as a desert. And here’s how you can take it up a notch. Include some lawn games like cornhole, play social games. Heck, even personalize a playlist. The rehearsal dinner should be about rehearsing all the fun you would be having on the wedding day, right?

Rehearsal dinners are a great way to ensure that the wedding goes seamlessly. It’s a mock wedding dinner after all, but with your closest family and friends. It’s about paving the way for the festivities that will come the following day.

Check out this rehearsal dinner I photographed for more ideas!


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