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2019 Editors' Choice Award Winner | Two Bright Lights

I remember the first time I was published. It was such a great feeling—I felt like all of my hard work was paying off, and I was honored that others valued my work enough to highlight it. Since then, I have been motivated to keep perfecting my art, pursuing my passion, and delivering the highest quality images to my clients because they deserve the very best.

Since that first publication, I have worked hard to excel in photography, and this year I was recognized with the Two Bright Lights Editor’s Choice Award for being consistently chosen for publications. I want my clients to know how much I appreciate them, and that I will continue to go above and beyond to give them lasting memoirs through photography. Below are just a few of the image highlights.

From Two Bright Lights:

The Editors' Choice Awards honor Two Bright Lights submitters whose talent was continually recognized by top print magazines, blogs and websites. Their hard work and commitment to getting published places them among the top 1%, from a community made up of over 50,000 photographers and event professionals across 100 countries. Winners include gifted photographers and vendors from the wedding, events and portrait photography industries. Using Two Bright Lights, their authentic, stunning imagery and services have been seen & published by top industry publications and editors.

I am truly grateful for this award, and a lot of the credit also goes to my wonderful clients: thank you for sharing your stories, smiles, and hearts with me. I have loved every minute of capturing memories for you!

I am currently booking for 2019, and spring sessions are filling up fast. If you’re ready to update your family portraits, capture an engagement, or book a wedding photographer, I’d love to help you out! Let’s connect—I’d can’t wait to meet you and hear your photography vision.


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